2. Click on download and select the browser that you are using. (This tutorial is intended for Chrome.) 

3. Click on "Add to Chrome" after being redirected.

3.1 After adding Yoroi to Chrome, click on the puzzle icon in the right upperhand corner.

3.2 Press on the pin icon to the right of the Yoroi wallet.

3.3 Great! Now you can easily open Yoroi by just clicking on the Yoroi logo.

4. After opening Yoroi, agree with the terms and conditions.

5. For the level of complexity, we suggest using simple.

6. We suggest enabling the Cardano payment URLs for ease of use.

7. Click on "Create wallet" to create a wallet, or click on "Restore wallet", to import a wallet.

8. Select Cardano.

9. Click on "Create wallet" and then choose a wallet name and password.

10. You are now going to have to write down a recovery phrase. This is the only way to recover your wallet if you lose credentials


11. You are now going to have to repeat the phrase to confirm you have written it down correctly.

Great! You have now created your personal wallet for Yoroi. You can now delegate to pools!

12. You can now see your ADA and more importantly, you can now stake to our pool!

13. You should now transfer ADA from the exchange you've purchased it from.

14. After doing so, press on the "Delegation list" tab.

15. In the search bar type in "STRK" or Strike Pool and press on Delegate. Input the amount of ADA you want to delegate.

Great! You are now delegating to our pool! You can see the rewards on the main site.                        If you have any questions, contact us on our social media!